Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sovereign Sect

As an avid watcher of skateboard videos, I've always felt that the best videos are made by Alien Workshop. Not only have their videos consistantly featured skateboading at a state-of-the-art/sport/whatever level, but as well include visuals and ediiting that display a level of creativity not found in most other videos. In celebration of the release of Mind Field, the fourth full-length video from Alien Workshop, I've posted a few clips from past Workshop videos as a reminder of the visual prowess of the Sovereign Sect.

The first section of Memory Screen, featuring a diminutive Rob Dyrdek.

Fred Gall in Timecode.

Anthony Van Englen's part from Photosynthesis, look for the burning Elmo doll.

I always forget that Mark Appleyard used to ride for Habitat. Also from Photosynthesis.

Neil Blender's part from G&S Footage. Not actually a Workshop video, but those involved with its creation went on to form Workshop. 

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